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Nurses make up the heart of American Health Care. But who looks after the nurses? Hilton Financial was designed and created to help nurses achieve financial health.


At Hilton Financial, we understand that becoming a nurse was more than just a job for you; it was a calling. Nursing is a highly demanding, technical, and scientific profession that also requires compassion. In some ways, my profession is similar to yours in that it requires highly technical, mathematical, and analytical expertise, but it also requires a human touch.


I am committed to helping nurses and other medical professionals achieving their financial goals. Because people in professions like nursing devote so much of their energy to helping others, it is time someone started looking after you. Together, we can make sure you are working toward your personal dreams, even as you are caring for your patients. Let Hilton Financial make sure that you are on the road to financial and retirement health.

FEE-ONLY Professional Financial Advice from Certified Financial Planners

Our Services

As your personal financial coach, I will give you what other financial companies fail to deliver -- the unique solutions to the specific challenges you face without the fees or incentives to sell products.

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Premium Membership

Are you ready for MAXIMUM results and TRANSFORMATION?

Along with personal coaching, in this 8-week mentorship program, we will give you the tools necessary to completely transform your life. You will graduate inspired and empowered to make confident financial decisions. We will show you the steps necessary to meet your goals in the most efficient way possible. With personal one-on-one meetings and group coaching, you will see the greatest transformation in your financial well-being. This is not a cookie cutter solution!! It is a results oriented, proactive program that will deliver creative and effective solutions to achieve long term financial security.

Within the FIRST week you will have total clarity about your money.

Within the SECOND week, you will have your goals nailed down and increase your cash flow.

Within the THIRD week, you will learn how to stop the bleeding and keep your wealth; by reducing your current fees, increasing your credit report score, reducing your debt strategically, ensuring your maximizing tax deductions, and much much more...

And within the FOURTH week, you will know the ideal strategies to build your wealth. How you should invest your money and where? Is a Roth better or a 401k? How can you optimize the performance of your investments?

And that's just the first month!  You will be well on your way to discovering the financial freedom that will transform your life.

One On One Coaching

We offer a tailored one-on-one sessions for those clients looking to fulfill a specific financial need. Much like a dentist's practice, you pay only for the completion of a specific task. For example, we can analyze your current statements and let you know whether you are paying unnecessary fees, analyze your savings strategy, increase your credit score, or run a quick retirement analysis. We can help you make specific decisions such as where to save first, whether you should buy a house, and so much more. There are no long-term contracts or retainer agreements in this program. Hilton Financial allows you to choose only what you need - whether that is an evaluation of your current financial arrangements in order to find ways to maximize your savings or simply obtain a second opinion on what you have already established to ensure future financial stability.

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Personal Strategy Session

You live a unique life with specific financial education and coaching needs.  Let's spend some time together to understand what your specific concerns are, answer any immediate questions and discover the course of action that will enable you to maximize your future financial health..


The first step in every coaching relationship is building rapport and trust.  Let's take some time to get to know each other and discover the financial obstacles that prevent you from breathing easy about your long term financial freedom. Hilton Financial can help you start living your best life today.

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Ashely Kehn - RN

Erin is an excellent advisor. Since I am not familiar with the financial industry, Erin was able to not only put me at ease but also explain the different options I had in an easy-to-understand manner. Upon meeting Erin I was struck by her honesty. To hear someone speak openly about only your needs rather than try to find an angle that would work best for them was refreshing and comforting. Her professionalism and way with people are equally impressive. I fully trust and respect her views. If you need financial advice, I highly recommend Erin. You'll feel as if your account is as important to her as her own.

Michael Souery - COO & Chief Analytics Officer

I would follow Erin wherever she goes in order to receive such an exceptional level of service which I miss dearly. Her dedication and passion to her work is remarkable. I felt privileged to have her as my advisor all these years.

Amber Follis, RN

I have been using Erin to help me with my finances and retirement planning for several years. I researched lots of financial planners and her being one of the few female certified financial planners made me feel even more comfortable choosing her. Erin’s knowledge is beyond remarkable.

What I absolutely love most is how she communicates with me, allowing me to understand what’s going on and words don’t sound foreign.

I highly recommend Erin to help you get on the right pathway for financial success.

Ramon Rivera - GTECH

Erin is knowledgeable, thorough, responsive and trustworthy. Her ability to translate complex, abstract concepts into clear and understandable language was very impressive. It was obvious that Erin cared deeply about providing the best possible service for each individual client.

Betje Klier - Independent Museums and Institution Professional

Erin has been our investment acct rep. She's knowledgeable & cheerful, making routine & unpleasant or uncomfortable tasks tolerable. Her expertise includes state retirement plans. She can seamlessly blend together a variety of financial instruments. Highly rec her.

Elizabeth Marsh - RN

I was searching for a financial advisor to help me with wealth management and retirement planning. I came across Erin’s information online and was happy to see that not only was she a fiduciary, but she also focused her business on working with healthcare professionals. I have been a registered nurse for 15 years and the idea of working with a financial advisor that understands the health care industry was intriguing. During our first meeting, Erin listened to what I needed help with and tailored her services to meet my needs. She is always available to answer questions and help me manage my retirement accounts outside of our normal meetings. I am grateful that I have Erin to help my reach my retirement goals…even though retirement is many many years away!

We work as your Personal Financial Coach. Just like a life coach, a Financial Coach is in the business of TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE.

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